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Company Name : Company name Inc.
Full Name: Business Owner Full Name
Phone: 555-555-5555
Zip: 90210
Credit Score: (650 - 679) Good
Finance Amount: $500,001 - $1M
Years In Business: 5 or more years
AVG Monthly Sales: More than $400,000
Monthly Charges: $1,000 - $2,500
Industry: Construction
Mobile Opt-In: 1


We only charge you for valid leads. We do not sell leads in bulk nor do we sell aged / shelved leads. Our guarantee is you only pay for leads based on the conditions set by terms we both agree on.

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Opt-In Disclaimer

Every lead we receive or generate have been validated to ensure they have opted-in to be contacted by you. Not only do they have to click a box to give us permission to have you contact them, they also have to verbally confirm their request.

Double Validated

We receive many leads, but sell very few.  Our vetting process for real-time leads are quite extensive.  We take every reasonable effort to ensure that the business owner is interested and has understanding will receive loan offers.

Money Back Guarantee

We take every measurable effort to help you convert leads by providing you key data to help you leverage information that can lead to sales.  Pay only for leads that match the contact info or receive a refund / credit for that lead.

Wordbuzz Marketing Lead Aquisition Process


Step 1

Opted-in lead will receive call to confirm interest in loan services

Step 2

Recording of call is submitted for review by management

Step 3

Lead will undergo background check

Step 4

Recording of call is archived and lead will be distributed for sale

Eight Reasons Why You Should Choose Wordbuzz Marketing

Lead Type

We specifically generate leads for loans, enabling business owners to connect with lenders.

Lead Supplier

If you have ever purchased leads for loans, you very likely got leads we generated.

Lead Authenticity

No funny business.  Unlike some lead providers, we do not water down quality with poor leads.

Lead Validation

With our signature 4-step vetting process, you can be sure of the highest lead quality.

Quality over Quantity

We err on the side of caution.  These leads will convert so well, you'll be begging for more!

Lead Guarantee

We stand behind each lead, promising the contact info to be accurate.

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