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Lead Fulfillment Process

Real Leads. Real Time. Real Quality.

Step 1: Complete the form on the right

This will give you access to the different types of loan leads available to choose from.

Step 2: Place order

Once selection is made, we recommend placing a small order to test the how our leads respond to your services.

Step 3: Set the loan-lead limit

Select the maximum number of leads you would like to receive on a daily basis. This number can be changed.

Step 3: Respond to leads as they come in

For optimal conversion, we recommend responding to a loan lead within 90 seconds from receipt.


Process Couldn't Get Any Simpler...

It is important that you note that WE ARE A LEAD GENERATION company.  What that means to you is that we do NOT have a database filled with leads, but that our leads are sold in real-time as they come in. If a loan lead was generated, but not assigned to a lender within 48 business hours, that lead will be deleted.

From all the leads we generate, only those that pass our strict validation process will be sold.

Example: If you place an order of 20 exclusive leads

1. Leads will be sold as they come in.  This could mean there may be days you won't receive any leads while on other days you may receive multiple leads until such time that we have transferred to you 20 validated loan leads. 

 2. You will also have the opportunity to select a limit of leads you wish to receive on a daily basis.