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Lead Scrubbing Services

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What and why is lead scrubbing necessary?

As a lender, being proactive to protect the interests of your business is critical. There are specific laws that prohibit you calling business owners unless a specific request has been made by them. One lawsuit can potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. The term we use to first checking the phone number of each lead prior to you calling them is called scrubbing. When you scrub a list of numbers you will be presented with a detailed report of what each number represents.

Moreover, each report will highlight if any of the phone numbers scrubbed has ever sued another lender in the past. While we cannot guarantee the results, the likelihood of a lawsuit will significantly be reduced and in some cases you will have none.

How are leads scrubbed?

The process couldn’t get simpler. Email a list of phone numbers in a .csv file. We ask that you remove all other information OTHER than the phone numbers needing to be scrubbed to avoid conflict of interest. By removing all other data other than the phone number, the data being scrubbed becomes useless to us or anyone else ensuring no one else will access your leads.

Once the file is received, we will have the phone numbers scrubbed and email you a zip file containing the results. IMPORTANT NOTE: We do NOT remove any phone numbers that appear as a red flag nor do we review the report from the scrub. For privacy reasons, once a scrub is completed we will simply email you the results and it will be your responsibility to make the decisions necessary on who to call versus not to call.

How much does it cost?

We have several packages and they are as follows:

$50 / month will allow you to scrub up to 1000 numbers a month
$100 / month will allow you to scrub up to 5000 numbers a month
$200 / month will allow you to scrub up to 15000 numbers a month

If you feel you need to scrub more numbers, call us for customized pricing.